Are you one of those people who spend so much money as they wait for their flights? The truth is that you do not have to purchase the expensive items that are sold at the airports. By calling EASYJET CUSTOMER HELPLINE, you will confirm that indeed, there are some items that you could get before your flight. You may buy them from retail stores or online and you will save good money while avoiding last minute hassle. You can use the money that you save to make your holiday more interesting or buy gifts for your family and friends.

Avoid purchasing at an airport

One of the things that you must avoid purchasing at an airport is bottled water because it will cost you an incredible amount. You only need a little planning and you will save money. While it is impossible for you to bring water past the security, you can invest in an affordable, reusable container. Once you are past the security, look for a water fountain and fill it up. There is also no harm in using a water bottle that you had used previously, considering that the aim is to save money.

Avoid buying currency

Avoid buying currency from any of the currency exchange booths located within the airport. The exchange rate booths charge sky-high transaction fees. Most probably, the reason is that regardless of whether you have just got off a plane or about to board one to a different country, you have no option but to take what they have to offer. The secret is to plan ahead so that your local bank can provide you with local money. Another option is an ATM that is located at your destination. You will enjoy a good interbank exchange rate that is much better than the one offered at the airport.

Airport parking

Airport parking is the third thing that you should not buy there. Parking lots at the airport are very expensive, yet they are always overcrowded. If you do some research, you will discover that there are several off-airport parking lots that you can utilize. These lots offer much cheaper rates. Some of these parking lots assist their customers with their luggage, shuttle them to their terminal, and return them to their cars when back from their trips. Therefore, as you research about parking lots that are off-airport, be on the lookout for such benefits.

These are only some of the things that you should not purchase at an airport. Other things that you can purchase in advance include reading material, snacks, neck pillows, and souvenirs. If there is anything else that you need and are not sure if you can bring it along, contact EASYJET CUSTOMER HELPLINE ahead of time. They have years of experience and therefore, they can help you give the right guidance. The customer help is available 24/7 and is offered by people who are well trained in their work. Therefore all your questions regarding the things that you can buy in advance are answered knowledgeably and politely.