Whether you have 1-hour availability or just 10 minutes, below the best ways to make the Golden times.

Do you have an answer to why people do not workout, here are some quick answers: “No Time”, “I have to complete some urgent things”, “I did not complete my homework”, or you can just have the best one “I just do not want to”.

Time is like a river you can not stop it, it is precious like health, you thinking about it unconsciously because you do not have it as big rocks that you need to manage it on a daily basis.

I met a lot of experts when I am changing the Gym every time. I found that you can have a great workout session for 1 hour or just in 10 minutes, trust me, 10 minutes will change everything but just do it.

Do not ever miss your workout session, do it on a daily basis, it will fuel your daily energy.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT): 10 Minutes

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a Workout that you can practice alone when you have time, and inside during your workout session.

HIIT training involves intense effort movements with short rest periods. Those quick bursts fuel your body and burns calories quickly, it is an ideal solution for stressful days and no time.

To practice HIIT Try eight rounds of movement—of push-ups and air squats, alternating between the two exercises, the secret is in the rest time, try to make hard exercise with low rest time.

Make you focus on this little period of rest by breathing and focusing on performing in the work period more and more with efficiency, keep the same frequency.

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