Physical FitnessGone is the days when good health only meant the physical well being of a person. Today, health is viewed in a holistic way, encompassing the physical, mental, social and even emotional well being of a person.

Medical professionals and experts in the field agree that regular exercise can help you achieve all these.


Exercise makes you fit and trim and being so it contributes a lot to good health. In fact, when you feel great physically, usually your mind and spirit, too, are in good condition.

The thing is how much exercise is needed for you to see the positive effects in your life? You may be surprised to know that even a little movement of your body here and there can protect you from an early death.

This is the amazing result of the study conducted by the Aerobics Research Institute involving some 13,000 men and women considered to be healthy.

Using treadmill testing results, these men and women were grouped into five categories ranging from least fit most fit.

The team that conducted the study monitored these people over a span of eight years to find out the relationship between their level of physical fitness and death rate.

The study revealed that those who belonged to the least fit group were three times more likely to die prematurely than those who belonged to the most fit group.

The death rate of those who did not partake in any form of exercise was two and a half times greater than those who did a little bit of walking, say 30 minutes a day.

Thus, it can be inferred from the results of the study that even exercises that are not strenuous can decrease the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and others.

Another study of similar nature was conducted, but this time it involved only the male population, and the results were the same.

Some 12,000 men were monitored and accordingly, there had been fewer deaths from heart diseases and the like in the group that did moderate levels of exercise.

From both studies, it can be safely said that even though the exercise level is only moderate, it can nonetheless help you stay fit and live longer.

Being physically fit is an advantage, aside from the fact that it helps you live longer and look good physically.

You are also better able to do your daily duties and responsibilities, maintain your weight, improve your energy. Insomnia is almost never a problem when you are in good health.

In order to fully take this advantage to be physically fit, there are some fitness truths that you must understand.

For example, you must be aware that your body has been intended to be active, and not stand all day. Ironic as it sounds, if you want to be energized, then you must expend energy.

It stands to reason that exercise helps to keep a person fit and healthy. It is also another way to prevent the mobility impairing effects of type two diabetes and obesity.

In addition, exercise is beneficial in keeping joints active and ensuring a wider range of motion as well. When the elderly stop exercising, the body tends to not snap back so easily. It is a classic case of how not exercising your lower extremities will inevitably make mobility more difficult.

To maintain a senior’s mobility for the long term, it is critical for the elderly to eat right and exercise regularly. The body is designed for mobility. Unfortunately, too many people live overly sedentary lives.

By not moving around, developing obesity and acquiring type two diabetes, this gives rise to an endless array of mobility impairments that could have been prevented.

It is a situation where something as simple as a brisk walk each day will aid in maintaining a senior’s mobility well into old age.

Given all these, the secret to a long life is no secret at all; just keep yourself fit and healthy.