On the Dr Oz Show today, Doctor Oz revealed 5 fixes for 5 flaws on your face, and none of them require surgery! Now, THIS is exciting

Fix Raccoon Eyes with the Under-Eye Eraser

Dr. William Kestin said the dark circles under the eyes are due to the reflection of light from the higher points. So raising the valley to meet the mountain gets rid of them. He injected Restylane under the eye to plump it up. It costs about $800 and lasts about six months. And It won’t work if your bags are caused by fat prolapsing under the eyes. It only works if there’s a dip where the circles show.

Fix Acne Scars and Loss of Volume in Facial Skin with Naturalfill Face-Lift

In this procedure, fat from your tummy is removed using aqua liposuction. It injected into the pits and hollows on your fact to plump them up and smooth them out.

The aqua liposuction was painless and non-traumatic, and the fat was placed in a syringe and he injected it under her skin in her face.

It had immediate results. It was slightly nauseating to watch but the lady said it didn’t hurt. Cost is about $1500 and is permanent.

Fix Droopy Eyebrows

Anastasia Soare, an eyebrow expert, showed us how to correctly shape our eyebrows ourselves at home! Your eyebrow should begin above the middle of the inside of your nostril and end at the line drawn from the outside corner of your nose and outside edge of the eye.

Then use a pencil to estimate the middle of your brow from the tip of your nose through the iris. Anastasia has templates in her kit that you can then use to shape your brow properly. Look for the Anastasia All In One Brow Kit online, for about $85.

Fix Frown Lines

These frown lines are the ones around your mouth, not the ones between your brows…and it’s caused by loss of volume.

So the dermatologist injected Restylane into the downward curving area and again, it gave immediate results. It costs about $600 and lasts 6-9 minutes.

Fix the Nose Bump with Liquid Rhinoplasty

I was very surprised to learn that it’s possible to fix this without surgery! As it turns out it’s a camouflage, not a fix. A filler was injected to raise up the area above the bump which made it virtually disappear! The plastic surgeon said it lasts about six months to a year depending on the filler used, and costs about $800.

For the next segment of the Dr Oz Show, Doctor Oz revealed why women get more bruises as she gets older, and what we can do about it.

Bruises are caused by small blood vessels, getting broken and seeping into the tissues around it.

Women get more bruises due to several factors. Our skin is aging, taking fish oil supplements, aspirin and steroids for arthritis pain all contribute to the problem.

To help get rid of your bruises, take Vitamin C which helps rebuild collagen and Vitamin K which is found in dark leafy greens.

When you do get a bruise, ice it for 20 minutes and elevate the area quickly, and it will go away sooner.

Next, Dr. Oz revealed Hidden Fats in our meals that we think are healthy. Many salads have hidden calories and fats that sabotage your diet.

To summarize:

  • Choose spinach over arugula
  • Hard-boiled egg over grilled chicken for a protein source
  • Choose sunflower seeds over raisins for a topping

Next, Dr. Oz revealed three good foods to boost your moods:

  • Striped bass (as opposed to grouper) as it contains Omega 3’s to increase your feel-good hormone in your brain.
  • Prunes (as opposed to figs), as they contain Vitamin B6 to keep your body and brain feeling good.
  • Mushrooms (as opposed to string beans) as they contain Vitamin D.