As a father and most of us as parents, we made a lot of mistakes in our relationships with our child as a new parent and also for the old parents. Our kids will be no longer kids after 1, 2 or 3 years, so we are in continuous learning and relive the kid that we have inside on each of us.

When you apologize, you will build trust and keep the discussion to not have a misunderstanding on the kids or adults side. You need to worry about that because it builds more confidence and respect because you need to make things easy and better for your child.

Apologizing is not a shame

Apologizing is uncomfortable for most of us, but consider this as a habit that you do not miss out and especially for our children. Apologies do not mean that you are wrong or you are right, but meaning that you worry about him, this the end in mind that we need to have as a parent. We can feel shame when we are wrong on both or one side but we all end up feeling better when we apologize.

When apologizing

Try to choose the best moment to do this and especially when we hurt others, do not think twice but just do it and make it easy because your son and because you are a parent. Apologize it is like the part end of life to start a new chapter with new energy, it is also time to managing our emotion. We know all of us that we feel sorry and disagreement to stay super father or having a super child. You need to describe what happened and make sure about the effects of the action on your child.

When you start apologies, you start also to teach your child how to do it.

The mistakes of our son, it might be the father’s failures, so try to be proactive about child mistakes and be ready to resolve and manage them. Listening and investing in your child’s emotional bank account, your child will come up with the same paradigm as we did, it is our job to stay leader and manage appropriately.

Postpone apologize

Sometimes, we need to postpone apologies, as the best way to teaching better and having a discussion next time, especially when we have a repeating behavior or we need to avoid getting defensive or even when the child is not ready to reconcile.

The first step is always hard to do, it is forgiveness, and nothing loss as a super father or super Mom you are. If you see resistance, try to make questions for your child to help him resolve it, some emotion will be very hard to understand when it was for the first time feeling.


Resolving, forgiveness, keeping discussion, been proactive, kindness, leader. Boss is the key to apologies. The value of these relationships and child character to take more responsibility, you do not be a shame but proud of your son on every mistake he made, because behind all these challenges, you teach him how to overcome all the kid’s and adult’s challenges.