We all would like to cut our workout time by up to half without losing results. Well, we can and it’s very simple.
I will tell you some basic tips to workout harder and drop your workout time at the gym. You can easily cut a 2-hour gym workout into 1 hour by applying these tips into your routine workout.

Cardio Tip

Whether you’re on a treadmill or doing a step machine or even an elliptical, you can cut your cardio workout drastically.

If you workout for let’s say… 1 hour normally, do something I like to call “speed bursts”

What this means is for every 3-4 minutes of your normal jogging speed, increase it around double of what you normally do to a fast sprint pace for 1 minute. Then return for 3-4 minutes of your normal jogging pace then repeat.

Do this for approximately 30 minutes and you receive roughly the same workout you would have done in half the amount of time.

For Lifting

This is excellent if you have your own gym or a less crowded gym you go to. It may be a little difficult if your gym has every machine in use all the time.

When you have your workout plan when lifting that day, you want to do two workouts at a time in your workout routine. This means that for every set you do for one exercise you move to another exercise right away.

But please do not do two exercises at the same time focusing on the same muscle.

I’ll give you an example…

Let’s say you’re working out your chest, biceps, and back today. You do 3 sets on each exercise. You just did one set of an exercise that works your back.

Instead of just waiting for your back muscles to recover, you move straight into another exercise to work your biceps. This allows your back muscles to rest while continuing your workout.

Then once you’re done with your set in biceps move back to the back exercises for a 2nd set, then the same for your biceps.

Doing this can easily kill 1/2 the time when weightlifting and you end up doing a better workout overall as you push your body to its limit.

These Tips Will Help You

These two simple tips can easily help cut your workout time in half. I personally use them and actually noticed an improvement in my muscle gains.

The reason behind me gaining more and cutting my workout time by doing this is:

The fact is, when people do the same routine lifting and doing cardio, their bodies get used to the workout and it becomes less effective. You need to feel the burn and you will need to feel uncomfortable to get the results you want.

By switching up your cardio workout and doing a non-stop weight lifting workout you actually feel more uncomfortable. (that’s a good thing!)

You will end up noticing your workouts pay off more in less time. Do not cheat, you will only be cheating yourself. That means don’t hold onto the rails when climbing steps and running on the treadmill, by doing this you get a less effective workout that yields poor results.

Same goes for weightlifting. Go all the way down and all the way up when doing reps. Don’t come up short, if you do you will notice little to no results and you’ll only be cheating yourself.

A little tip on weightlifting…

You get most of your workout releasing the weights. This means if you’re doing a bicep curl, you bring it up. When you bring it down that is the best potential to maximize your workout. This means you should go slowly when lowering the weight.

Lifting weights fast because you’re in a hurry is pointless, instead, try these tips and take your time. Doing so will result in a quicker workout time and better results.