Everyone who begins getting older has hopes of looking younger as the inevitable process of aging takes hold. Without younger-looking skin, the odds of that happening aren’t very good. Firmer, less-wrinkled skin as we age is partly up to our genes to be sure, but there are still many things we can do to achieve the goal of having younger-looking skin. Using effective skincare products, engaging in regular exercise, getting enough sleep and eating nutritious foods are necessary for looking younger with glowing, healthy skin!

You Are What You Eat

Go ahead and have your favorite foods — but do this in moderation and counter their effects by sticking to a healthy diet most of the time. For instance, having one “cheat day” a week and eating healthy the other 6 days works well for many people. Plan your healthy diet around foods that improve and maintain skin health such as brightly-colored fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins containing iron. You don’t have to eat foods you can’t stand the taste of — just choose your favorites in each category.

Z Is Your Favorite Letter

People with the most beautiful skin typically make sure to get enough sleep. Depending on your age and overall health, you’ll probably need about 6-7 hours a night Your regular doctor can recommend the best number of hours of sleep a night for you for looking younger and being healthy as you age. If possible, try to keep to a routine of when you go to sleep and when you wake up as this usually makes sticking to healthy eating, exercise, and skincare plan much easier.

Get Moving

Develop a “no excuses” approach to exercise. If you’re limited in mobility, you can find an exercise plan such as a routine that can be done sitting down. Start very slowly at first with perhaps only 15 minutes each exercise session for 5 days per week. Even this can go a long way in looking younger as you get your body and skin pumping with cardio, stretches, toning and strengthening exercises on a regular basis. When you start getting in better shape, you can increase the amount of time you workout and the number of days that you exercise weekly.

Nourish To Flourish

Get advice from a skincare expert on what nourishing products you should be using on your skin. Keep in mind that you may need a different moisturizer for summer and winter depending on the amount of dryness your skin has in different seasons. For most people, a gentle cleanser, refreshing toner, and soothing moisturizer should be used daily for having healthy skin and looking younger too. Don’t go overboard and purchase a jumble of products you don’t need as they’re only likely to clutter your bathroom as well as your skin’s pores. Instead, get professional skincare help to choose a basic set of nourishing products for your skin.