Most guys love working out their glamour muscles. Chest, biceps, and abs would be those glamour muscles. Having a solid, defined sizable chest takes a variety of workouts. However, many guys think they can get the chest they want doing benchpress alone.

I’m going to present a chest workout that hits every part of the chest, to help your chest grow as fast as possible in every area. Many of the techniques and exercises in this workout are from the great Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

I have read a book called the Encyclopedia of bodybuilding, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger details every part of his training and diet. I will give you some of the highlights in this encyclopedia on how to build a great chest.

Fundamentals of Bench Press Workout

It is a standard powerlifting workout especially designed for weight training purposes. It targets the muscles on your chest specifically the pectoralis muscle along with the supporting muscles at the back.

The triceps muscles at the back are also strengthened in this type of exercise. Bench press workout can be done either in utilizing barbells, dumbbells or with a typical smith machine.

You should be able to have your bench press workout with free weights. More muscles are strengthened during the lift. When using a machine for the bench press, it will guide you to push the weight up and lower it back toward your chest.

When you have the barbell for your lift, make a tight grip and balance the entire weight of the bar. You would also balance each of the bar’s weight from the bench press workout should you choose to have dumbbells for you.

A more complicated training system is practiced by advance weight lifters from the bench press workout that would have bench press bands and chains to sustain the resistance. A firm and good leverage are good to have in this type of workout.

As we will see in this article, Bench press exercises have different types to put in a workout. It provides for a more equal appearance, these types of workouts are used. The standard ones used in this workout is for developing the middle of the chest.

The flat bench press

The flat bench press is the first on the list of chest exercises. It is a great mass building and strength exercise, that develops the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. The key to this exercise is doing the slow controlled motion, both up and down towards your chest. The next exercise is the barbell incline bench press.

This exercise also develops mass and strength of the pectoral muscles and front deltoids, however, it focuses especially on the upper chest. In this exercise is important to find the right groove to move the bar up and down in. Without the right groove you will likely move the bar too far forward, making the exercise less effective.

Dumbbell flat bench press focuses on the same areas as the barbell bench press, however, it forces you to use stabilizer muscles as well. Dumbbells also force you to build your muscles symmetrically, as opposed to some barbell and machine exercises.

Incline dumbbell presses

Incline dumbbell presses help develop the middle and upper pectoral muscles. You can vary the angle on this exercise from almost flat to almost upright.

The higher you go, the more you focus on your deltoid muscles. Decline dumbbell presses develop the middle and lower pectoral muscles.

Make sure you do slow, controlled movements while doing dumbbell presses. Dumbbell flies are great for building the mass of the pectoral muscles.

The function of the pectoral muscle is to pull the arms and shoulders inward across the body, this is exactly what you are doing with the dumbbell fly movement.

Make sure you get a full stretch on this exercise. The weight you’re using should be relatively light.

Standing cable crossovers develop the inner pectoral muscles.

Many men lack inner pectoral muscles. They build large outer pectoral muscles by doing lots of benchpresses but ignore the inner pectorals. Make sure you cross the cables all the way, at the end of the exercise and flex your chest muscles.

Machine flies build definition in the chest. Don’t focus on putting a lot of weight on the machine fly, because it is not for building mass, it is for creating striations in the pectoral muscles.

Straight arm pullovers are very important because they develop and expand the rib cage. It is important to have a rib cage and serratus muscles that are well-developed. A large chest does not look good hung over an unimpressive rib cage.

Do not miss out on a spotter in bench press workout who could help you finish a repetition when you are unable to handle the weight on your own. To keep off the bar from the weight support at the beginning of the bench press set, you can ask help from the spotter. The spotter should always stand behind the bench as long as you make use of the barbell from the bench press workout.


You should be able to complete this comprehensive chest workout in 60 to 90 min. we only need to do a chest workout like this once a week. You will find that with doing all of these exercises, you will build a large, but also balanced and defined chest.

Results vary from each individual who performs bench press workout. Aside from serving as a motivation for an individual’s strength and appearance, it should be not be taken as a competitive measure for each. Great results should become out with, a good diet and a regular routine.

One last note – Make sure you are taking a high-quality protein shake, before or after your workout to maximize your gains!