People today spend so much time in the office that it is definitely worth your while to think about ways to make the time you spend there as comfortable as possible.

We can consider this as Fitness Model. Most people keep a change of clothes at the office, eat at least one main mean at the office, and spend at least eight hours a day there.

What do you think about working out at work?

It sounds strange at first, but it’s a great idea, especially when you think about the terrible effects that lifestyle of sitting at a desk all day is wreaking on your fitness.

If you have some equipment for working out right there at the office, then you have the tools at hand to change that lifestyle so that the monotony of work can be interrupted from time to time by exercise.

This serves several purposes:

  • It keeps you healthy;
  • Makes work easier to deal with, since it alleviates some of the boredom that comes, repetitive tasks and being trapped in a small space for too long a period of time,
  • It clears your mind, which actually helps you perform better when you actually are at the desk.

What about fitness equipment?

Everyone has heard about the old idea of using the stairs to get some exercise instead of taking the elevator, but what about some small dumbbells, between three and ten pounds in weight? Keep them on a rack so they don’t roll all around the office, and store the weights and the rack behind the filing cabinet, or under the desk, or in a corner, or anywhere else where they won’t be in the way. Another thing you can consider is to purchase resistance bands.

They work the same way as weights, and you can do most of the same exercises. Pulldowns and curls for your arms and upper body are very beneficial.

The advantage with bands over dumbbells is that they can be used to exercise the lower body as well. Tie the band to one ankle and the other end under your foot. Lift the leg that is tied at the ankle off the ground sideways and you’ll work out your hips and thighs.

Three days a week will provide you with the perfect workout. It will let you exercise regularly while leaving enough time, for muscles to repair themselves between workouts.

  • In work regular weekdays: Workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with Tuesday and Thursday as rest days for muscle repair.
  • If you have a more varied schedule or work weekends and nights as well you can always work something out.
  • Find five minutes, three or four times throughout the day, a great exercise regime, and you will see the results.

Quick Advises

Coffee breaks have never been so beneficial or restful before. Use your weights to exercise your arms and shoulders and the rest of your upper body.

Be sure to use slow, careful motions to get the most out of your workout, and never forget to stretch after a workout.

Don’t ignore the benefits available for the old fashioned exercises like lunges and squats. Fifteen reps and three sets will get you a long way toward your fitness goals. Just remember to close the door so you don’t end up on America’s Funniest Videos.


If you’ve never thought about working out at the office, think about it now. There’s a whole new world out there waiting for you, and you’re going to love it. Buy a few simple tools to make exercising easier, or learn isometric techniques that use your body’s weight as resistance.

Whatever methods you use, if you are diligent and exercise regularly you will start to feel and look better. You’ll be proud of the results, and you won’t regret your decision.